You don’t have to tick any boxes to use Fyle


We’re built for small businesses

From real-time feeds, to automated reconciliations, to seamless integrations, we’re built to serve small business needs. We scale with you as you grow.


We’ll never stop supporting you

You bring your existing credit cards, and we give you an easy platform to manage card spend in real-time. Since we don’t have any acceptance criteria, we’ll never abandon you.


We only take on customers who are a good fit

We ensure that the needs of the customers we take on match our offering. And once we do, we’re in it for the long run. If we can’t fulfill your requirements, we will point you to a platform that does.


Get onboarded and start using Fyle quickly

Fyle’s implementation team helps you set up your account, connect your business cards, and integrate your accounting software within 2 days.

Fyle instantly notifies you of credit card spend

With Fyle’s real-time feeds, you can access spend data within seconds of swiping a
credit card. Whenever employees swipe their cards, they get an instant SMS and Slack
notification, and the transactions gets reflected in their Fyle dashboard.

We match your receipts to your card expenses, automatically

Employees can submit receipts by simply replying to the SMS or Slack notification with an image of the receipt, and we will automatically match it to the right card expense.

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We match your receipts to your card expenses, automatically
Unmatched ease of use

Unmatched ease of use

Fyle is incredibly easy to use for both employees and finance teams. With features like Gmail & Outlook plugins, OCR data extraction, automated receipt matching, real-time policy checks, automated reminders, fraud checks, and more, we’ve got you covered.

Easily sync expense data to your accounting software

Fyle seamlessly integrates with NetSuite, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Online, and Xero. Sync all your expense related data in real-time. Map chart of accounts, projects, employees, GL codes, taxes & more, and export information directly to your accounting software.

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Easily sync expense data to your accounting software
Retain control on your business expenses

Retain control on your business expenses

Configure any business rules, spend limits, or additional approvals for your business cards, with our policy engine. These get enforced in real-time, ensuring continuous compliance. You also get digital audit trails and fraud detection, so you’re always in control.

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Why use Fyle?

  • Fyle is card agnostic. We integrate with your existing credit cards, from any bank, and provide the best expense management experience.

  • You don’t have to switch your business cards to fintech-issued cards with shorter credit cycles, and high minimum balances, just to access better software.

  • Fyle has a straightforward pricing model that is based on usage. We only charge you for active users, who actually create expense reports in Fyle.

  • We offer two plans depending upon the features you would use. The pricing does not depend on which card you use or connect to Fyle.

  • Fyle takes customer support seriously. We guarantee a first response time of under 30 minutes, which is unmatched in the industry.

  • When you opt for a Fyle subscription, you can opt out anytime. If you’re not happy with our product or service, you can walk away without any lock-ins and easy data-exports.

  • Fyle is completely customizable. You can enable/disable modules based on usage. You can create custom policies and rules to ensure compliance.


Make your credit card expense management seamless

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