• irs-mileage-reimbursement-guidelines-fyle

    Your comprehensive guide to 2019 IRS mileage reimbursement

    We depend on our vehicles to take us from Point A to Point B, but we don’t want to break the bank in the process.  Still, most of us end up shelling out much more than we’d planned to keep our cars running in top condition. In fact, figuring in gas, insurance, repairs, and insurance, the average cost to own and maintain a car in 2019 is nearly $10,000 a year! Would it be ideal if you could recoup some of those expenses come tax time? You might be able to do just that. Specific IRS mileage guidelines dictate whether or not you qualify for a vehicle-related tax deduction and,…

  • 2019-irs-per-diem-guidelines

    Your guide to understanding 2019 IRS Per Diem guidelines

    If you or your employees travel for business, you may be eligible for per diem reimbursement to cover some of the costs associated with your important dealings. The term “per diem” is Latin for “per day” and means that you can receive reimbursement for some basic travel-related expenses and request them on a daily basis. As a company or business owner, what is the IRS per diem requirements and guidelines? This information is extremely crucial to know, so read on to learn more so that you can be prepared for your next tax return. Per Diem Basics Per diem covers a few basic things, including meals and incidentals. This means…

  • budget for expense automation

    Expense management automation – How to win your CFO’s approval?

    Employee expense management is one of the most overlooked finance operations tasks. Such negligence leads to poor employee experience and leakages in cash flow. Expense software can help reduce bottlenecks in such cases.  Though we have seen widespread adoption of expense management software in recent years, there are still companies relying solely on manual methods. Also, there are finance managers and accountants who have never procured software and are unsure of how to go about it.  In this article, we outline how to create a case for investing in expense management software. This guide helps you answer the tough questions to your CFO or Finance controller when it comes to…

  • failing-expense-management-tool

    5 signs your automated expense management software isn’t working

    If you are an employee and productivity-centric business, then you probably already have automated expense management. While at it, you might have invested truckloads of hope and money, awaiting positive ROIs. But what happens when your software of choice fails you? With annual subscriptions ending soon, this may be the right time for you to calculate the ROI on your current expense management software. Evaluate whether the software has delivered all that was promised. In this article, we discuss the five signs of an expense management software which might be counterproductive.  Turnaround time for reimbursements is too high  Ideally, your automated expense management software should reduce the turnaround time for…

  • control-employee-expenses-project-cost-management

    How to control employee expenses with project cost management

    Project Cost Management (PCM) is a set of procedures and methods that an organization uses to measure the costs incurred for by the company. Additionally, it helps regulate and measure the productivity output throughout the lifecycle of enterprise-level projects.  PCM is an essential function within the general project management vertical. It is also known to have a direct impact on a project’s perceived success and failure.  Project cost management entails several carefully planned steps. Travel and entertainment expenses are one kind of costs involved in PCM. Project managers and cost accountants often overlook the importance of T&E expense management in the success of their project.  In this article, we discuss…

  • Fyle's Gmail Add-on For G Suite

    Fyle’s Gmail Add-on to do your pesky Expense Reports

    Let us put it this way. Fyle loves Gmail. We started by building the world’s first chrome extension for reporting expenses from Gmail. Two years later, add-ons have rekindled our love for Gmail. For the uninitiated, add-ons can be used inside Gmail to automate repetitive tasks. From tracking sent emails to updating your CRM, you can find a host of apps in the GSuite Marketplace to make your life easier. While there are multiple add-ons for CRM, invoicing, and task-tracking, we found none for expense reporting. We felt it was our call to deliver something extraordinary, and we were up to the challenge. We are proud to announce that today…

  • Manage corporate credit cards with Fyle

    Major Challenges in Corporate Credit Card Management

    The usage and adoption of corporate credit cards are on the rise. If your company isn’t already using them, chances are high that you’ll start using them soon. Employees on business travel prefer spends using corporate cards. This is primarily because it is easier and convenient. The advantage of cards is that employees don’t feel an added financial burden while traveling. Though corporate cards ease the employee’s spending pains, they introduce challenges for accountants overseeing these card programs. In this article, we discuss some pressing challenges finance executives face while managing corporate credit cards. We also lay emphasis on how an expense management software can help address these pain points.…

  • Expense management software for non-profits

    Expense management for Nonprofits

    Did you know that more than 13% of all fraud cases reported happened in nonprofits? Many of these frauds occur in the reimbursement process. Expense management for non-profits can be a daunting task for both accountants and employees. On the one hand, employees find themselves in a dilemma over spending decisions. On the other hand, accountants struggle to track and account for expenses in the books. As a result, project managers, in turn, find controlling their expenses challenging. With complexity in management, negligence follows. Employees often end up submitting claims without appropriate bills. Accountants overlook expenses which violate expense policies or approve fraudulent claims. Additionally, project managers may overshoot their…

  • draft expense reports

    Draft expense reports for people always on the move

    “What I need is a way to keep adding expenses to a report which I want to submit at the end of a business trip. I don’t want to create expenses and later waste time fitting each expense to the right report.”~ Kevin Who is Kevin? Kevin is one of our German users, who travels for business more than ten days in a month. He often has multiple meetings for different projects on a single trip. The expenses incurred by him in a single day often spread across projects. Kevin’s pains Kevin prefers to stay organized and reports expenses for various projects separately. Up until now, Kevin would wait till…

  • State of Expense Management | Fyle

    5 Expense Management Trends to Look for in 2018

    The start of a new year also marks a set of new opportunities and challenges for businesses to tackle through the year. 2018 marks a massive shift in the financial technology-landscape across the globe. Today, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) sweeping the industry, numerous corporate companies are heavily investing in the development of AI. While other companies still lack appropriate tools to leverage such technology, you can get the upper hand by staying up-to-date with the current trends.