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  • guidelines-employee-travel-expenses

    How to create an accountable plan for reimbursing employee travel expenses?

    Are your employee travel expenses and other business expenses complaint with the set regulations in your city or country? If you are unsure, unaware, or want to neglect such regulations around employee travel expenses – your business health could be in trouble. Many times, employers pay a lot of attention to specific functions in their business. As a result, they turn a blind eye to other functions such as expense management. Though this may not affect your business now, not staying complaint or failing to monitor employee travel expenses could prove detrimental. In this article, we talk about the various facets to staying complaint when it comes to reimbursing employee…

  • expense-report-form-track-per-diems

    How to effectively track Per Diems in an expense report form?

    Are you a business that provides Per Diem allowances for your traveling employees? Most companies that want to avoid the long route of collating, validating and approving business expenses, opt for Per Diems. In such cases, you might not need an expense report form that contains all the details of your employee travel expenses. But you would still need an expense report form to document and map your Per Diem allowances. In this article, we talk about the mandatory fields that your expense report form or template must-have to adequately document Per Diem allowances at your organization. What are Per Diem allowances? Some businesses provide their employees with daily allowances…

  • expense-report-form-mileage-tracking

    How can businesses track mileage using an expense report form?

    Your employees often travel using their vehicles for in-city client meetings. But is there a process that helps to record and adequately reimburse your employees for these spends? Most businesses use an expense report form for mileage tracking to reimburse mileage expenses. A mileage tracker or mileage expense report form works as a log record of all mileage expenses incurred by your employees. These expenses play an important role as they are used for both reimbursement and tax-deduction purposes. Business expenses under mileage reimbursement in an expense report form: Miles traveled to meet business clients: Your sales team needs to move about the city to meet your clients regularly. This…

  • expense-report-form-mandatory-fields

    How to track expenses on an expense report form?

    Creating a custom-made expense report template is a time-consuming task. To help save on time, most businesses opt for a readymade free expense report form or template. These templates are generic and try to accommodate for the general needs of a business. The most commonly used templates are Word, Excel, or Google Sheets. But should you use an expense report form without any customization?  Customizing your expense report form can help add a sense of objectivity while gauging and streamlining your expense management. Hence, businesses must not stick to the available templates. Instead, use a template to build upon with fields specific to your business. In this article, we try…

  • disadvantages-expense-report-template

    Expense report template: Why businesses shouldn’t use them!

    Are you a business that uses an expense report template to manage your business expenses?  The desktop era gave rise to the use of templates to manage almost all our daily activities. Be it for tax purposes, managing personal expenses, or even our meals. There was and still is an Excel sheet for everything. And, thus began the era of the expense report template. Using expense report templates to manage business expenses has been a long-dreaded excuse for cutting costs.  As per a study conducted by Levvel LLC, it shows that 62% of the employees still use manual entry and routing of expense reports. Does your business use such a…

  • create-expense-report-in-fyle

    How to Create an Expense Report in Under 5 Minutes

    Expense reports. We know, everybody hates expense reports! Creating and submitting an expense report is undoubtedly the most dreadful experience for any employee who needs to claim a business expense reimbursement.  Let’s take the example of Mischelle, a senior sales associate who often needs to travel far and wide to close business deals. Some of the everyday expenses incurred by Mischelle are personal travel, stay, and food bills. Mischelle also needs to wine and dine with her clients for sales meetings.  This means truckloads of receipts by the end of her business trip. This also translates to hours of productive time wasted in managing business expenses and getting reimbursements on…

  • An Expense Tracking Software that Manages a Global Employee Base

    An Expense Management Software to Manage a Global Employee Base

    With digitalization and globalization, we have seen a rise in cross-country associations and dependencies. Blurring geographical boundaries, organizations now seem to function as a single unit. Though most aspects seem simple, there are yet a few challenges businesses face while dealing with a global employee base – Expense Management and an Expense Tracking Software that allows for a seamless and streamlined process.