• Corporate Credit Cards – Best Practices

    Expense reporting is here to stay, there is no escaping that. With an ever-growing scenario of corporate credit cards, it is rather necessary that you use an expense reporting software that can help you manage them better. Here are some of the best practices you must keep in mind while using corporate credit cards in your organization.

  • draft expense reports

    Draft expense reports for people always on the move

    “What I need is a way to keep adding expenses to a report which I want to submit at the end of a business trip. I don’t want to create expenses and later waste time fitting each expense to the right report.”~ Kevin Who is Kevin? Kevin is one of our German users, who travels for business more than ten days in a month. He often has multiple meetings for different projects on a single trip. The expenses incurred by him in a single day often spread across projects. Kevin’s pains Kevin prefers to stay organized and reports expenses for various projects separately. Up until now, Kevin would wait till…

  • Reconcile Expenses on Corporate Cards With Fyle

    The past two decades have seen a dramatic surge in the adoption of corporate card programs by businesses of all sizes. These programs mandate processes and infrastructure to control and monitor T&E spends and to ensure every expense is reconciled in compliance with government guidelines.

  • Fyle and Quickbooks Online by Intuit

    Quickbooks Online by Intuit Integration with Fyle

    We keep saying we want to make your expense management process seamless and effortless and we mean it! Last year, in 2017, a lot of you mentioned you use Quickbooks as your accounting software, and we knew we had to integrate Fyle with Quickbooks. QuickBooks holds 80% of the market for accounting software amongst small businesses. That was enough reason for us to make the Fyle QuickBooks Integration a priority.

  • State of Expense Management | Fyle

    5 Expense Management Trends to Look for in 2018

    The start of a new year also marks a set of new opportunities and challenges for businesses to tackle through the year. 2018 marks a massive shift in the financial technology-landscape across the globe. Today, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) sweeping the industry, numerous corporate companies are heavily investing in the development of AI. While other companies still lack appropriate tools to leverage such technology, you can get the upper hand by staying up-to-date with the current trends.

  • QuickBooks Online by Intuit and Fyle

    5 QuickBooks Integrations Every Business Must Have

    QuickBooks online (QBO) is impressive and let’s face it despite the attempts of other players, 80% of market share still belongs to QuickBooks. With accessibility to your data from any device, automatic backups and real-time updates for invoices you are probably already in love with QBO.

  • Expense Frauds | Expense Policy | Fyle

    Check Expense Frauds with Fyle

    Is your business a victim to fraudulent expense claims? Your organization processes a hoard of reimbursements on a monthly basis. You, as admins or account executives approve almost all of them, barring a few. These few expenses are usually the ones which have out-rightly violated your policies or don’t have appropriate bills attached.