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Does your Expense Management need a breathalyzer?

Oct 3, 2018 5:47:09 PM


Fyle users already have it pretty good, with automated checks for policy violation at the source. They’ve collectively saved thousands of man-hours that would have otherwise been spent poring over fading receipts and pointless back and forth emails with the accounting department. We know that’s a great feature because our users have told us so.

There’s another area that we think we can save our customers a lot of time on. We know most companies do not allow for alcohol in the expenses, except for a few (lucky) exceptions. Finance teams have to manually check each receipt for traces of alcohol, and it’s humanly not possible to go through each receipt manually to check for infractions.

So.. we’re thinking of putting a breathalyzer on Fyle.

If an employee tries to Fyle a receipt (email or paper) that contains alcohol, we’ll automatically flag it for you. You can either choose to prevent them from fyling it, or you can address it offline. It’s the digital equivalent of asking, “Could you please roll down your window and blow into this?”

This would reduce the number of policy violations that you would otherwise have to check manually, and help you clearly communicate with your employees right at the point of contact.

Are you interested in testing out this feature for your organization? We’re throwing it open for a select few users for now. Just click below if you’d like to sign up for the early beta access:

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