Automated Expense Management

Embracing Expense Reporting and Submission in 2019

Almost half a century ago, Buzz Aldrin, the second human to walk on the moon, manually submitted an expense report for his trip to the moon.

From then to now, very little has changed when it comes to how organizations manage their expenses. The users have evolved into people who are always on-the-go. But technology has disappointed many, by not keeping up. It has taken over a decade for them to take a step ahead in the right direction. This has to change. (And it has. More on that later.) With the fast pacing world, a software’s success directly depends on its growth as well as adoption.

Expense submission, reporting or expense management as a process is often viewed as a technology problem. But it isn’t. It is a design problem. At Fyle, we’ve realized this design problem and have tried to chart out our solutions around it. Our aim is simple – to be present and available at every expense you make. So we did that. So far, in ten different, seamless, modern ways. You can find them all below.


Manual reporting would cater to anyone, who’d like to fyle expenses, the old fashioned way. Simply upload your receipt, fill in a few details and you’re all set!


New-age organizations have new-age employees. If your employees are using their vehicle, just let them add the location and leave the rest to Fyle. (Secret sauce: Employees can even start and end a trip to calculate distance real-time)


Once you have set a Per Diem rate for your organization, employees can easily claim reimbursements, within Fyle.


Have too many receipts by the end of the month and hate uploading them one at a time? BulkFyle is custom-designed for you. If you’re thinking how much is too much, one of our first users fyled 2609 expenses in a single go!

Here’s how you can use InstaFyle to upload paper receipts:

Receipts living in Dropbox? We’ve got you.

Have all your receipts saved in your computer?


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that actually works! With InstaFyle, just click a picture of your receipt and Fyle will automatically extract all data required. With all this data it will fyle an expense and submit it on your behalf.


Receive all your receipts on email? We’ve got you covered. Just add Fyle’s email plugin, and you can fyle expenses directly from your inbox.


Do you receive some bills in your personal inbox and some in your work inbox? With Fyle, you would no longer need to manually collating and fyle each of them. Directly forward them to your Magic Email, and Fyle will automatically fyle them for you.


Fyle is now in the G Suite Marketplace! Which means you can now fyle your expenses from your Gmail inbox. You can do this either from your browser or your phone.


Tons of receipts piled up and buried in your Gmail inbox? Let Fyle clean it up for you. With “Find My Receipts,” your receipts get collated, sorted by categories, personal (that weekend lunch receipt which got sent to your mailbox), professional (the software you purchased to up your team’s game), and more. What’s more? Once all this is one, you can fyle your expenses, in a single click!

These are some of many ways to fyle your expenses, the modern way. If you think this is it, we at Fyle are just getting started. Our mission is simple and straightforward – to empower you to do better things and turn this tedious task of expense management into a one-click experience.

Want to experience the modern ways of fyling your expenses? Sign up for a free trial today.

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