Fyle's Gmail Add-on For G Suite

Fyle’s Gmail Add-on to do your pesky Expense Reports

Let us put it this way. Fyle loves Gmail. We started by building the world’s first chrome extension for reporting expenses from Gmail. Two years later, add-ons have rekindled our love for Gmail.

For the uninitiated, add-ons can be used inside Gmail to automate repetitive tasks. From tracking sent emails to updating your CRM, you can find a host of apps in the GSuite Marketplace to make your life easier.

While there are multiple add-ons for CRM, invoicing, and task-tracking, we found none for expense reporting. We felt it was our call to deliver something extraordinary, and we were up to the challenge.

We are proud to announce that today Fyle is the world’s only Gmail add-on that can help you save your receipts & expenses from Gmail. With just a click and most importantly, without any manual entry you can report expenses. Along with Google Chrome, the addon works with Gmail on all browsers and Android mobile devices.

The need for a Gmail add-on for expense reports

There are over 4 million paying G Suite customers and over 1.5 billion Gmail users. People spend a significant amount of time on Gmail across the web and mobile devices. Today, a significant portion of business spends happen online. Whether it’s your Uber receipt or a software subscription invoice, your Gmail inbox has become the default store of receipts.

Most SMBs still use manual processes when it comes to managing employee expenses. They accomplish this with a combination of Google spreadsheets, Gmail inboxes for expense related conversation and Google Drive as a receipt store. This process consumes a disproportionate amount of time for finance teams and employees.

While there are receipt scanning apps and extensions with web-clippers for taking screenshots of an email, the problem with these is that users still have to make manual entries. In most cases, you were probably better off with your expense forms. After all, what good is an expense reporting app if it doesn’t eliminate manual data entry?

Fyle’s Gmail add-on makes sure that you don’t have to do anything. Well, almost nothing, you still need to click on a button. But we suppose that’s not too bad for now. With this add-on, we are sure that tracking and submitting expenses will be a breeze for you. Additionally, timely expense reports with accurate data leave no room for delayed reimbursements.

Gmail add-on for expense reports

What does it mean for the user?

With a single click, Fyle captures the expense data in a receipt and auto-fills them so that you can report them from an email thread directly. It also attaches the pdf attachment without the need for manual upload or download. You can combine all the expenses and generate a single expense report, with all the receipts stitched together in a single pdf document and submit it to your company. Whether you are using Gmail on desktop or mobile, Fyle doesn’t make you do manual entries, unless you want or need to. For all the pesky paper receipts, you have a mobile app to snap a picture of it and Fyle will pick up the important details for you.

What does it mean for the company?

Fyle is a comprehensive solution to automate employee expense management. It is best suited for companies who want to increase their finance productivity, ensure real-time compliance, and provide a great employee experience. It’s purpose-built for G Suite and offers great flexibility to manage your employee expenses while putting receipt capturing and tracking on autopilot.

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How does the add-on work?

Fyle’s Gmail add-on resides securely inside your Gmail inbox, be it on Chrome, Android or iOS device. In a nutshell, never leave your inbox to report an expense.

The creation of an expense takes less than a second while Fyle does most of the heavy lifting in the background. Fyle extracts relevant data from the attached receipt in the mail and auto-fills information for reporting the expense. Details of the expense like currency, amount, and merchant get automatically populated from the receipt. Additionally, the receipt is also attached to the expense as soon as you submit it.

Here’s a video to sum it up for you:

We already use Fyle’s Chrome extension, why should we care about the Gmail add-on?

If you have used our chrome extension for Gmail, then you can further simplify your life with the add-on. We do love the extension, that’s how we started, but we have to admit something was missing.

The add-on helps your employees track expenses while on-the-move on your mobile device. No more opening your laptops to report expenses. If you use custom fields though, stay tuned, our next update will be all about it!

Where are we in our fight against expense reports?

Three years ago, we took up arms against expense reports when we saw how many people lost valuable time doing their expense reports.

The Gmail add-on is another step in the quest to liberate humans from the torment of expense tracking. You can say it is another battle won against expense reports. We know we can’t eliminate expense reports, they are here to stay. We just want to make them work for you, in the background.

We are working on a few more exciting projects, which we believe will get us closer to a point where we can eliminate the thought of having to submit expense reports. The future is near than ever. If you wish to be a part of it with us, schedule a demo today!

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