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How to report expenses with Square's Automatic Receipts

May 27, 2019
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If you recently visited a bar, restaurant or grocery store, you probably checked out using a Square POS.

Square is revolutionizing  how small businesses build and grow their sales. Their seamless experience is synonymous to convenience for consumers. The one reason why so many businesses rely on Square is because they directly provide digital receipts to consumers via email or text.

At Fyle, we understand that the plethora of digital receipts in your inbox can be overwhelming. To lessen the burden, here’s how you can report any transaction made at any Square seller store to Fyle.

How Square works

Step 1: You are required to share your email address for your first card transaction with a Square sellers.

Step 2: Once shared, Square matches your payment card to your email address.

Step 3: When matched, all receipts for future transactions using the card will automatically land in your  inbox.

Step 4: Sit back and relax,  while Square’s automatic receipts takes care of everything.

A step further with Fyle

Magic email for Automatic Receipts

When you visit a Square seller store to make a business-related purchase, we suggest you use your corporate card. While at it, just share Fyle’s magic email instead of sharing your personal or business email. This way, when Square shares a receipt, it will automatically show up as an expense, with corresponding receipts attached in your Fyle account.

Corporate Card Reconciliation

When you receive a Square receipt, you can seamlessly match it with the respective corporate card transaction, without leaving your inbox.

What’s next for Square transactions within Fyle?

At Fyle, we believe in being present at the point of expense. As Square finds innovative methods to transact and share receipts, we will too. We’ll explore newer ways to report expenses without having them buried in your inbox. Until then, stay tuned!

If you think receipt management is a growing worry for you and your employees, check out how Fyle can help.

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