• QuickBooks Online by Intuit and Fyle

    5 QuickBooks Integrations Every Business Must Have

    QuickBooks online (QBO) is impressive and let’s face it despite the attempts of other players, 80% of market share still belongs to QuickBooks. With accessibility to your data from any device, automatic backups and real-time updates for invoices you are probably already in love with QBO.

  • Expense Frauds | Expense Policy | Fyle

    Check Expense Frauds with Fyle

    Is your business a victim to fraudulent expense claims? Your organization processes a hoard of reimbursements on a monthly basis. You, as admins or account executives approve almost all of them, barring a few. These few expenses are usually the ones which have out-rightly violated your policies or don’t have appropriate bills attached.

  • Automated Expense Reporting | Fyle

    Expense Reporting Directly From Your Email Inbox

    Are you an admin or an employee spending way too much on fyling and approving business expense claims? Business expenses are on a rise and the effort needed to manage them correspondingly is on a rise, as well. We are so engrossed in tracking down the hard numbers, that we often overlook the time spent in tracking them.

  • Expense Policy Compliance | Fyle

    Expense Policy Compliance Revolutionized with Fyle

    Are you an admin or approver who is always bombarded with expense claims that violate multiple expense policies? Business expenses by employees typically have expense policies to ensure that they’re compliant with local laws. Proper implementation of these policies sits at the core of the expense management process in any enterprise. This is crucial to the functioning of the business as it ensures a continuous check on the flow of money, provides control over understanding the nuances of expense trends, visibility, and insights into business expenses and more. However, expense policies often end up becoming a source of frustration because of the complexity involved in enforcing them. This is why…

  • Teach for India and Fyle | Success Story

    Expense Management Solutions For Non-Profits

    Non-profit organizations are all about doing good and bringing about radical changes. They are focused on fundraising, community service, and volunteering. The key focus is always to make a difference in society. However, they can only achieve this by making sure everything else within the organization is the status quo. One area that is often neglected is expense management. Unlike their counterparts, they do not work for profits, but they do still incur expenses. Expense management is just as important in an NGO as it is in any other company. People are likely to spend a lot more money spent on a humanitarian cause. It is vital to keep track…

  • Expense Analytics | Fyle

    How To Make The Best Use of Expense Analytics

    Are you an organization looking to have a competitive edge over your competition? Expense analytics, will help you, achieve just that! One of the core aspects of making well-informed and confident decisions is to understand what your numbers say. Analytics, give you insight into the overall performance and health of your organization. This further helps you get the upper hand, as it also gives you insight into the type of spenders, spending trends, policies that require up-gradation and more. Gone are the days where finance folks were required to shuffle through truck-loads of data. Often times, it took months together, to compile, clean and analyze data. Today, you can download,…

  • Expense Management Solutions | Fyle

    Expense Management Solutions – Best Practices

    If you are using an expense management automation solution, then you must be well aware of the benefits it brings with it. The reliable, automated system allows employees and managers to free up their schedules that would have otherwise been filled with manual work. Manual work in the form of creating expense reports, shuffling for the expenses incurred that month and more.

  • Expense Management Myths | Fyle

    Expense Management Automation – Breaking The Myths

    Did you know expense management automation can help you claim reimbursements faster, reduce the expense processing costs and time assigned to expense reporting? The current scenario of expense management automation:A Automating expense management software not only increases employee satisfaction but also reduces the burden that comes with manual and semi-automated expense management systems. However, as per a recent report, over 55% of surveyed companies claim they do not want to make the switch over to fully automated expense management solutions. Many companies avoid automating the reimbursement process due to the several myths that are associated with it. This article will tackle and debunk some of these myths and give you…