TSheets + Fyle: Time tracking meets expenses and mileage

Oct 19, 2018 8:24:17 PM

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Incurring expenses is easy enough for employees on the field, but getting them reimbursed has always been fraught with complexity. It becomes worse when they work with multiple clients and have to associate expenses with various projects. Fyle simplifies expense reimbursement by making it very simple to collect and manage expense data.

This expense data is useful when it’s not bound in a silo. If it is being leveraged in the relevant context it can make the expense management process efficient. In this case, we’re looking at the timesheets that employees maintain to keep track of the work they’ve done.

The problem with timesheets and expenses being separate

Until now, managers and accounting teams did not have visibility into the association of employee expenses with projects. They had to juggle between multiple tabs or use paper-based timesheets. Employees had to tag each expense with a project manually. Because of the complexities involved, many employees simply did not attach a timesheet because they were on the field and found the process cumbersome.

We want to make your expense data work harder to make the reimbursement process more efficient for you, so we are now integrating Fyle with Tsheets.

How Fyle and Tsheets will work together

Employees can now quickly add their expenses on Fyle and tag their all their expenses to their respective projects or jobs, and even their clients. This means that managers and accounting teams can now quickly approve expenses because they have complete access to a rich set of data about their employees’ expenses. Employees can tag their expenses to their timesheets, and can also generate reports based on the job or project.

To top it off, integration is just quick and one-time process. Just take a look at our help article to get the full picture. To know more, visit our page here.

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