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9 of the world's best coworking and coliving spaces

January 25, 2019
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So, are you considering working remotely?Contrary to popular belief, working remotely isn’t always lugging your laptop from one coffee shop to another. Cafes are very noisy, and not to forget the unreasonably expensive coffee. Working from home can get pretty dull as well!But, what if we told you, you have access to spaces that were built to enhance your productivity?To help you kick-start your journey into working remotely, we foundfully serviced spaces that double up as both a residence and an office. All the places in this list have a few things in common - they are fully furnished, have routine cleanups, laundry services, free WiFi, a dedicated working space and access to all basic facilities. Take your pick, and choose your home for the week, a month or even a lifetime!Come house hopping with us!


With around 42 locations spread across Latin America, Selina may just be the place for you. Selina aims to provide an international creative working (and living) environment, accompanied with loads of fun. It’s designed explicitly with digital nomads in mind with fully furnished co-working spaces, luxurious private rooms, dorm rooms and more. Selina has an option for everyone, to say the least.Locations: Panama, Peru, Portugal, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina. (Expanding to US and Europe soon!)

Outpost Asia

OutPost Asia is designed specifically to provide you with a culturally immersive experience while also focusing on your projects. It is the perfect co-living/ co-working space if you’d like to travel without compromising on your daily deliverables at work.Locations: Indonesia and Cambodia.


Outsite Grandview is located on Lorraine Drive, with a coworking space offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. There are 3 private rooms, 3 shared rooms and 2 bathrooms in this house. There’s a large communal living space complete with a TV, kitchen, dining room, hot tub and outdoor patio downstairs. There’s a choice of surf boards and bikes for you to use during your time in Encinitas too.

Whether it’s for a night stay or a whole month, Outsite, has something for everyone. Outsite offers fully furnished workspaces and private living spaces for all co-livers. With over 10 locations in the United States and many more abroad, Outsite can be your go-to co-living space if you’d like to move all across the world.Locations: United States, Portugal, Indonesia, Switzerland, Mexico, Spain, and Costa Rica.

OutPost Club NY

Founded by 3 productive nomads, Outpost Club is spread across 8 locations in New York. OutPost encapsulates the famous New York spirit into the co-living space making it truly inclusive. Each of the eight Outpost locations in Queens and Brooklyn offer co-working spaces for a month-to-month membership. They have a no-strings agreement or a longer-term lease if you’re looking to get a slightly cheaper rate. Location: NewYork



Common is meant for more extended stays, typically ranging between 6 months to a year. It allows transfers within its various locations. This allows for individuals to move around workstations without the hassel. Common aims to provide you with the luxury of private living with the spirit of co-living - so you get the best of both worlds.Location: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, and Los Angeles.


WeLive, started by the creators of WeWork is an extension to the belief that built WeWork. With comfortable workspaces, a recreational area, fitness studio, rooftop terrace with hot tub, espresso bar, free happy hours, laundry area, and readily available toiletries in-house, you’d never have to worry about anything ever again - just hustle on!Location: New York and DC


We love how Roam is truly testing the boundaries between travel, work, and life adventure. Unlike most co-living spaces on this list, Roam insists on having private rooms in all of their locations. Communal living can be overwhelming if you’re not used to it, the private rooms give you the option of opting out of communal living whenever you want.Location: San Francisco, London, Miami, Bali, and Tokyo

The Collective

The Collective is a community of co-living and serviced living or co-working spaces, built for the generation of today. It is custom- designed to provide a luxurious lifestyle with the spirit of communal living.Location: London, two more coming up (locations undisclosed)

Go Quarters

Spread across the globe, GoQuarters lets you move from one place to another with a single membership. With basic amenities, fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms and cleaning supplies, you can move around with just a bag of clothes! Locations: Berlin, Chicago, New York and many more coming up.None of the options feel like the right choice for you?Check out CoWoli’s list of co-working and co-living spaces and find your best pick, anywhere across the globe. You’ll see all of the co-working spaces listed above and many more, and they are updated continuously. So, now you can save on the commute time, enhance productivity andSo, what are you waiting for?

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