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How can employee motivation help scale businesses

No matter how much you love your job, you just cannot ignore the Monday-morning blues. This is particularly so when it follows an eventful weekend.

It’s at times such as these that a motivational or witty opening message from Slack, the communication tool, starts making sense to you. You can’t help but smile at them.

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A message like this, wouldn’t necessarily shrug off the lethargy, but would certainly give a good start to an otherwise dreadful day of the week.

That is the impact words have on us.

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster, Hogwarts

Words, when used correctly, can invoke in us a feeling hitherto unnoticed. It can motivate us.

Motivation is the string of unspoken words and feelings that help us take up our problems, one day at a time. When used in the corporate context, it is the secret ingredient that helps companies reach greater heights.

Breaking down the word ‘Motivation’

Motivation is derived from the Latin word Motivus, which means, to move. It also shares its root with emotion. By connecting the dots, we can come to the conclusion that motivation is the emotion that drives us. It helps invoke enthusiasm in us to do something great.

Given that humans are emotional and thinking beings, we constantly look for a purpose to fulfill in life. Anybody who has achieved anything in life had a purpose to fulfill, which motivated them to achieve their dream. History is inundated with examples where world leaders have motivated people. What’s more? These motivated people were the precursors to change.

When motivation can lead to big changes and growth, it is unwise not to consider the impact it can have on your company growth. In this article, we discuss the impact motivation has on a company’s growth. Additionally, we deep dive into how companies can impart motivation and be the reason for change.

When Mickey mouse knocked at the door

When Walt Disney was unsure about how to raise money to make movies, he confided in one of his employees, Mike Vance.

Mike gathered a team of seven people to address this concern, one of whom came up with an idea. She suggested keeping the park open on Mondays and Tuesdays. Until then, the park functioned from Wednesday through Sunday. Additionally, they decided to create a ‘Magic Kingdom Club’ that let corporate members give discounted tickets to their employees. This plan worked exceptionally well as visitors with discounted tickets spent more on toys.

On Christmas, these seven employees were in for a surprise. They found Mickey mouse at their door with an envelope containing $25000. Additionally, they were given 100 Disney shares and a handwritten note by Walt that said, “It’s fantastic, you’re fantastic. Do it again.”

That very afternoon, these seven employees were back in the office, enthusiastic about doing more. A mere gesture which would have cost Walt nothing stirred emotions which drove loyalty, productivity and employee satisfaction within the organization.

By surprising them with a monetary gesture, along with a handwritten note, Walt Disney made his employees feel valued and invoked in them an urge to strive for better.

Is building employee morale important?

According to a survey by Gallup in 2012, close to 63% of employees across the globe stated they lack motivation at work.

Millennials do not simply pursue a fat paycheck. They like to be a part of something important, that has a purpose to fulfill. Their lives are no longer about “job security.” This behavior works to the benefit of the company.

Businesses benefit when they employ people whose goals align with that of the company.Their happiness is an indirect measure of your company’s success. This is because happy employees, translate to productive employees. When employees work efficiently, it invariably leads to the growth of the company.

Effective ways to increase motivation at workplace

The workplace is no longer just money. Now, employees look for a platform that helps them achieve career growth along with the growth of the company. Monetary incentives and bonuses might help retain your employees for a while. But, in the long run, employees will look for more reasons to stay back or move on from an organization.

Here are some ways you can motivate your employees:

Be empathetic towards your employees

Empathy is an underrated emotion. In today’s world, empathy is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of growth. When you listen to employee problems, you begin to respect their feelings and make them feel valued. When you prioritize their comfort and provide mentorship for their personal and professional growth, your employees will always remember how you made them feel. Let them know about the difference they make to your company culture and growth.

Be honest with them about your advice, because honest feedback is the way to grow. At the same time, provide solutions and ideas to strengthen their skills. Many companies these days offer online courses and certifications that help employees get better at their skills. Implement some of these ideas in your organization and see how your employees adapt to them.

Provide work flexibility

Let your employees know that you trust them. Give them the space to work in their own way. Companies like Google and Facebook do not confine their employees to a desk. They have the freedom to work from anywhere. When a company starts to think beyond its traditional norms, the employees also begin to think outside the box. This results in them becoming truly invested in the growth of the company.

Have clear set goals

Cluelessness at work can affect your employees a great deal. Many a time, you trust in our employees’ abilities. However, unless you vividly set clear goals, your employees are bound to become mere drones. People look to work in a fast paced environment that aligns with their personal goals. As a result,  it is necessary that you convey your ideas as clearly as possible. By doing so, you become more than just a manager. You become a leader who can inspire people to grow.

Small recognitions go a long way

Rewards are not always about bonuses. It is also about celebrating little things. Whenever Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt opens a new shop, their CEO Amit Kleinberger celebrates this laurel by bringing a food truck to the headquarters. By doing so, he tells them that the slightest of their efforts matter. This sort of encouragement creates a positive vibe in the workplace. Rest assured, when your employees feel valued they will strive to give their 100% at work.


When you start a company, your intent is always to provide the best service to your customers. You keep your customers first and strive to provide the best service they have ever received. What you often fail to realize is that to become customer-centric, it is necessary to become employee-centric first.

Why is it so, you’d ask?

Because for customers to receive exceptional service, your employees should feel motivated to work and give their 100%. This will eventually lead to the overall growth of the company as well. Therefore, as a company, it is necessary that you identify ways to motivate employees and help them grow.

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