Business continuity at Fyle: Keeping our customers up and running during COVID-19

Whether you are an existing or a prospective customer of Fyle, we want to assure you that Fyle has a comprehensive business continuity plan in place to ensure your business is always up and running.

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to address two pressing concerns - Can Fyle's business continue to run, and can Fyle's infrastructure scale to handle the additional load.

Our answer to this is: We are executing against our pre-established business continuity plans, and we are confident in our product's technical architecture and ability to handle increased volume and load. Also, our employees are safe and continue working as normal from the safety of their homes. These are testing times, and we are prepared to face it.

Keeping our Business running

Fyle has been operational for four years, and we have always had remote work in our DNA. We have flexible and unlimited work from anywhere policy, which is focussed on one thing only - accomplishment.

While we are new to the situation where the entire company has to work remotely, we have transitioned with ease. We have a high-performance, committed workforce at the task, as exemplified in our Glassdoor reviews. We are proud to have built a company where transparency and trust are not just words, but the very essence of how work happens.

Our Product and Engineering

Fyle is a cloud-first product. Our system architecture is designed to accommodate any unpredictability automatically. We assure you that our system capacity matches the demand of the situation.

Our product has a robust architecture:

  • We use AWS and Google cloud as our primary cloud providers. We have also built redundancy in place to ensure that your business does not get affected.
  • Fyle runs a scalable multi-region, multi-cloud environment. This ensures to mitigate the risks associated with the unlikely event of our cloud provider going offline in a particular region.
  • Our architecture is microservices-based, and all our microservices are replicated and self-healing. They require no manual intervention to be started up.
  • We routinely test our systems to simulate specific failure scenarios. We have worked hard to ensure that we recover quickly from any unforeseen events.
  • Our uptime for 2019 was 99.979%, where we had
    • A total of 60 minutes of planned downtime for maintenance,
    • A total of 53 minutes of unplanned downtime over the entire year, and
    • Maximum downtime of 19 minutes during off-peak hours

Our Customer Success team

Over the years, we have received recognition continuously for our exceptional customer service experience. We believe it is because our Customer Success teams have always remotely conducted vital processes, such as onboarding, implementation, or even continued product support.

We have always followed an online-only business model. This has helped us accomplish faster onboarding and an even quicker RoI for our customers. Also,

  • It has resulted in a consistently high NPS of +56, and over 500 5 star reviews on platforms like G2, Gartner Digital.
  • Our average response time for support tickets is under 60 mins and our First Response SLA hit rate is 93%
  • We have 24x7 coverage, and we are working with our team members to have back-up internet connectivity in a situation where their primary internet connection fails.

For companies considering Fyle

We understand that these are tough times, especially for small businesses. We're doing our bit to help by making the first 10 active users free in our standard plan. If you are a non-profit of any size, we're happy to work with you on special pricing. Please check out our pricing page for details or schedule a demo with our specialists.

It is business as usual for us at Fyle. And, we want to assure you that we are more than capable of handling your business.

Thank you,

Yashwanth Madhusudan

CEO, Fyle


Team Fyle in pre-COVID-19 days

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