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Powerful Features For Managing Business Expenses

Effortless setup, easy to use platform for managing corporate expenses. Build a robust process with the most powerful policy engine, smart approval workflows and accounting integrations.


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Business Expense Management Software

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Data Extraction - Fyle

Automatic Data Extraction

Automatic data extraction engine is at the heart of providing a one-click experience. It captures expense data and automatically fills relevant fields from any kind of receipt. No manual data entry and manual checks are required.

Automatic Policy Enforcement - Fyle

Automatic Policy Enforcement

Expenses are automatically scored against company policies and violations are detected at the time of submitting the expense. Employees are also provided an option to justify the violations.

Expense Reports

Real-time Expense Visibility

Fyle makes it easy for employees to submit expenses. Employees submit expenses faster and more frequently. Finance and Accountants have real-time visibility into expense data right from the time employees fyle it.

Approval Workflows

Dynamic Approval System

Cap expenses category-wise or based on hierarchy. Use Fyle to set up custom policies based on inbuilt parameters or create your own. Minimize resources spent in verification with the most powerful policy engine.

Custom Approvals

Custom Approval Hierarchy

Configure any kind of approval hierarchy, from single stage approval system to a more complex multi-stage, multi-org system.

API Integrations

3rd Party APIs

Fyle provides open APIs making it easy to connect third-party applications like HRMS, accounting, and ERP systems.


Trip Authorization & Requests

Pre-travel approval workflows help employees plan their trip to the last detail and make additional requests from Fyle. Post travel, employees can generate trip wise reports, with just a single click.

Multi-Country Support

Multi-Country & Multi-Org Setup

Create multiple orgs with its own currency, approval hierarchy, and policies with support for cross-org approvals.

Accounting Integrations

Automatic Account Syncing

Sync Fyle with your accounting and ERP systems and eliminate manual effort in closing books.

Powerful Features for Enterprises

Spend time on running your business and getting insights from expense data, not managing expense reports.

Automatic Reporting
Fyle expenses in One click right inside your email or from your mobile with one click.

Dynamic Approval System
Fyle Policy engine determines expenses that require review and approval based on your expense policies.

Advance Management
Issue and Manage Advances within Fyle in an accounting friendly manner.Reconcile with expenses at the time of payout.

Trip Requests
Create Trip requests and authorization workflows with budgets, additional requests for flight, hotels, advances. Map Expenses


Corporate Cards
Sync corporate card transactions and auto match expenses that have been Fyled. Get realtime visibility of receipts submitted against transactions made.

Multi Country Set up
Create multiple legal entities with separate currencies, policies, and approval hierarchy. Create Cross org approvals and interlinked policies.

Duplicate Detection
Fyle’s auto extraction marks duplicate expenses / receipts across the entire org.

More Features

Card Import
Automatically import card transactions and match with receipts fyled.

Per Diem
Configure and manage your Per Diem Rates based on company policies.

Mileage Claims
Capture Mileage data from desktop or mobile using Google Maps and places.

GL Code Mapping
Map expenses to GL Codes in your accounting system.

Projects and Cost Centers
Create projects and cost centers for project level management.

Get detailed analytics on top spenders, top vendors, top policy violations and policy statistics across the entire organization.

Expense Audit trail
Every expense has an audit trail showing creation date, approval date, and payout date.

CPA Access
Submit expense reports to your accountant and auditor within Fyle.

Unlimited expense reports and receipt uploads
No limits on receipts uploaded or reports created or submitted. Data stored indefinitely.

Choose The Features Your Company Needs

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Free for 14 days - No credit card required

Expense Management Software Features - Fyle