6 Apps Every Sales Rep Swears By

As a high-performing sales rep, you are always on the move. Your deals are quickly moving through stages, and you still have four other pitch meetings to prepare!

Ever wish there were just a couple more hours in the day? It would help so much, right?

With the right set of apps, you can optimize your processes and use your down-time better. Guess, you wouldn’t need those extra hours, afterall! Just a few trusted apps to do the thinking for you.

Here are our top picks specially curated for you:

Sales CRM App

If you are only getting one app on this list, make it this one. You need an app to keep track of all your contacts, communications with each of them, meeting dates, bookings, itinerary- all of it. We recommend Freshsales – you can add leads, contacts, accounts, deals, make phone calls, send emails and change deal stages on the mobile app. Additionally, all edits get automatically synced with its web app, so your customer data is always up to date!

Get Freshsales.

Notes App

Great ideas and thoughts that could change the world don’t see time and place. What if you got a brilliant pitch idea, but you are thousands of feet up in the air with no network? Get a handy notes app. Jot down thoughts, doodle away in your free time – just keep those neurons firing away! We highly recommend the Evernote App.

Get Evernote.

Expense Tracking App

Are you dreading that post-trip trauma? Your accounting department expects you to hand in your expense report the second you land. Don’t stress though; you can get your receipts in order right as you make expenses with a handy expense management app. File expenses on the move, categorize them, and submit them automatically, within seconds. Fyle can help you do that and more,  to solve your expense management woes, forever.

Get Fyle.

Reliable Mileage Tracker

If your company doesn’t have an expense tracking app yet or uses one that doesn’t have the functionality, we recommend MileIQ by Microsoft. With an average of 4.5 stars on over 50,000+ reviews, it’s the most reliable choice!

Get MileIQ.

Team Communication App

Make sure miscommunication or lack of communication doesn’t stand between you and that deal. Clear the air with the most used communication app for teams – Slack. Project discussions, important documents, or random announcements, slack can be your team messenger. With your team and information in one easily searchable place, collaborating online is as easy as collaborating in person.

Get Slack.

E-Signature App

Congratulations, you just closed the deal with the prospect you’d been chasing for months! Generally, you’d have to wait for your office to prepare the paperwork and “fax” it to you. Remember faxing? But times have changed. If your organization supports an eSignature system such as DocuSign, make sure to download the corresponding mobile app to enable prospects to sign wherever, whenever, and however. Sign the dotted line, virtually!

Get DocuSign.

It’s great to live in an age where the answer to every problem is “there’s an app for that!” Which of these apps do you like? Which of them did we miss? Help us know in the comments section. Didn’t find the app you were looking for? Be sure to check out our list, specifically curated for remote workers!

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