Effortless expense management for accountants

Make expense reporting a breeze for your clients with the help of AI-powered expense management. Automatic data extraction, expense policies, digital audit, and integrations with your preferred accounting software make sure that you are always on top of employee expenses.

Why Fyle?

Fyle's automatic receipt extraction helps employees in reporting expenses with a single-click. With effortless and timely reporting you get to close the books on time and with ease.

Make your life easy

Fyle let's employee track all expenses with a single click. All an employee needs to do is submit reports and you see all reports centrally. Just export the reports to your accounting software and you're done.

Delight your customers

With features like policies, approval workflows and duplicate detection your clients can increase policy compliance and bring predictability into their employee expenditure.

Tally Partners

Fyle provides a simple integration with Tally allowing Tally certified and associate partners to step up their offerings with AI powered expense management.


First AI-powered expense management software for your clients

Expense tracking

Fyle comes with iOS and Android apps for receipt tracking on mobile devices and email plugins for both Gmail and Outlook.

Digital Audits

Audit all submitted reports centrally with a complete digital trail of all expenses and their edits. Provide secure access to auditors to a Fyle account.


Integrate Fyle with Quickbooks Online, NetSuite or any other accounting software to make expense management a one-click affair.

Trusted by 100+ customers worldwide

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Earlier I used to always put expense reports off for another day - printouts, filling forms etc.Now with Fyle, it's a lot easier and I get the job done in a few scans and clicks.

- Srikrishnan Ganesan, Freshworks

Fyle is a flawless and super easy expense management system. The extension integrates with your gmail and automatically parses receipts and invoices - saving precious time and makes filing expenses a breeze!

- Aadil Bandukwala, Belong.co

Fyle has helped us add lot of value internally in terms of ease of use, near paperless trail, faster turnaround times for employees and better visibility for finance.

- Abhijeeth Naik, CFO, Zivame

It's a great product that is very user friendly even for the least tech savvy users which is handy because we have a lot of not tech savvy people in our particular organization. It saves a huge amount of time and hassle fumbling with receipts and dealing with lost receipts.

- Taylor Green, First General

It's a well thought of product that covers a few alternatives for me to submit my expenses. While using it for my current company, I thought of how it would have benefited me in my previous ones as well

- Baldwin Ng, Ninja Van