Direct bank feeds that automate corporate card reconciliation |

Connect your bank to Fyle and automate your pre accounting for credit card expenses

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Seamlessly manage your corporate cards


Daily bank feed sync

Set up direct bank feeds from multiple banks and for multiple credit card programs. Ensure accurate and reliable data flows into Fyle securely.


Direct integrations

If your credit card provider is VISA, MasterCard, Diner’s Club or American Express, you can get started with Fyle right away.


Reconcile bank transactions

Control your business finances real-time to ease accounting during tax time. Reconcile expenses with receipts to transactions as they happen.


Manage reversals

Easily manage reversals by automatically assigning card transactions to employee expenses

Travel & Expense suite to complement feeds


Travel & Expense Management Report 2018

Understand how digital transformation and capturing T&E data sensibly can help you unlock powerful insights, better budget and close books on time.

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Expense Reporting and Submission in 2019

Understand the different ways to report expenses within Fyle.

Comprehensive Guide to Travel and Expense Policy

Helps you build, automate and optimise the expense management process in your organisation.

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