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Integrations & API

Plug-and-play integrations with your favorite accounting systems, HRMS and ERP solutions. Power up custom connections with Fyle’s API. You have no good reason to not automate.


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Accounting Integrations - Expense Reports

Plug-n-Play Integrations to your Accounting Solution

Fyle has a plug and play integration that seamlessly connects to your accounting system. Start with Fyle today and get rid of manual exports and spreadsheets once and for all!

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QuickBooks Integrations For Expense Reporting

Fyle seamlessly connects with QuickBooks to provide you one-click push, GL code mapping and much more.

Tally Integration for Expense Reporting

Tally's ERP connects with Fyle and procures all data needed in a single click to ensure seamless flow of data and execution of payment processing workflows.

Are you an accountant looking for better ways to manage business expenses? Tell your organization about Fyle's expense management software for enterprises.

Integrate With Accounting Softwares Seamlessly

Bring the power of intelligent expense management inside your accounting software with Fyle's API.

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Easy Setup

It takes exactly one click to connect your Fyle account with QuickBooks! Fyle automatically imports all categories and fields from your QuickBooks account and starts mapping users to connect their expense reports.

Custom Configuration

You can choose how you want to push your data – Manual or automatic, and also setup rules around specific categories that your business mandates (like limiting synchronization for a particular category) and more.

One-Click Push

Fyle lets you push all of your business expense data in your favorite format seamlessly, in a single click.

Don't see an integration with the software you use? Worry not, drop us a mail at and let us know your requirements, we will get back to you with the most feasible solution!

Simplify Your Expense Management Workflows Today!

Effortlessly track expenses and report them using Fyle, and use our API and in-built integrations to transfer data in a single click. Never do it manually again!



Free for 14 days - No credit card required

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