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Scan Receipts & Report Expenses, On-the-move

Receipt scanner + Expense Tracker + One click Expense Reporting + Mileage Tracking. You will never look for another app.


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Receipt Tracking App for iOS and Android
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We Made Magic, Its Called AutoFyle

AutoFyle is Fyleʼs smart receipt scanner app for iOS and Android - Just click a picture of any paper receipt with Fyle's mobile app, and it'll automatically extract the expense information from the image.

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Capture Paper Receipts With Your Mobile

AutoFyle is Fyleʼs intelligent image processing which recognizes the expense information in your receipt and pulls it out automatically for you.

Multiple Currencies, Intelligent Recognition

Fyle supports multiple currencies and reads through wrinkles and coffee stains on your receipt. Fyle stores the soft copy of the receipt as an attachment to your expense claim. Open your arms to happily losing receipts and intelligent receipt management in the cloud.

Are you an employee looking for better ways to do expense reports? Tell your organization about Fyle for business.

More Power To Business Travel

Travelling local or flying abroad for that business trip, Fyle has everything you will ever need to make expense reporting easy - Trip Requests, On-the-go Reporting, Offline (In-flight) Reporting, Mileage Logs.

Mileage Tracking and Trip Requests

Mileage Tracking Powered by Google Maps

Realtime visibility for your business, hours saved for your finance team. Automate policy checks and compliance, one-click integration with your accounting software.

Trip Requests For The Power Traveller

Travelling often for business mandates cumbersome, slow feedback requests to travel desk and managers for trip/budget authorization - With Fyle, you can do that easily!

Trip Reports In One-Click

Classify or tag your expenses with your trip and create exclusive trip reports in a single click using Fyle!

Got Uber, Lyft Receipts? Try Fyle for Gmail or Fyle for Outlook to report taxi bills inside your email inbox in one click.

Create, Submit & Approve Expense Reports in One Click

‘Expense reports suckʼ - You will never say this again. Create and submit expense reports with Fyleʼs app in under 60 seconds. Track status of your expense report or approve reports from your team in a click.

Fyle works offline too

In-flight? Poor Network? Fyle stays with you always, even when there is no internet. Your information is stored locally and then synced with your account once youʼre connected to the internet again.

Take your team for an off-roading trip, weʼll take care of expenses :)

Error-Free Expense Reports

Fyle informs you upon violating any policy, and then warns you again when creating a report, so your reports stay error-free. For approvers, this means no digging into piles of papers - Just skim and approve!

Select Expenses & Click ‘Submitʼ

Itʼs really that simple, we have nothing to more to say.

  • android app
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