Admins will be able to see the state of all employee expenses in Fyle in real-time.

admin dashboard

Unreported Expenses: The number of expenses created by the employees but yet to create reports and the collective value.
Reports submitted: The number of reports submitted and the collective value. Clicking on the button opens the Approvals page.
Reports Inquiry: The number of reports under inquiry and collective value. Reports under inquiry are reports that have been flagged by an approver requesting for an explanation by the spender.
Reports Approved: Number of reports approved and their collective value.
Total Employees: The total number of users invited. Also, shows the number of unverified users. This is also a link that opens up the user's page when clicked.
Verification Queue: Number of approved reports waiting to be verified. This is also a link that
Payment Queue: Number of reports in the queue to begin payment processing. This is also a link that opens the payment queue page
Reminders: Sends an email reminder to the corresponding user about a pending action.
Approvers with pending reports: Number of reports pending on approvers to be approved.
Unverified users: Number of invited users who have not verified their account.
Users who haven’t fyled last month: Number of users who have not filed a single expense the last month.
Users with unreported expenses: No. of users with expenses filed but not reported yet. 

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