Admins can send reminders to users to create reports for un-reported expenses and remind Approvers to approve the respective reports.
You can also go one step further and create or approve reports on their behalf, in-case a user or approver happily vacationing. 

Reminders can be sent from the Admin dashboard  or as shown below:  

Reminder to report expense 

To view all unreported expense, select the Expenses option from the left panel. 

RemindToReport: sends an email reminder to the user to create a report of the selected expense.

Create Report: Create reports for the selected expense. The corresponding users will be notified of the same.

Reminder to Approve Reports

An Admin can also send reminders to approvers to approve a report submitted. 

To view all reports to be approved, select Reports from the left panel.
Select one report, and click on Remind to Approve on top of the page. 

Remind to Approve: Click on the button to remind the respective approver to approve the report. An email is sent to the approver

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