You can click images of your paper receipts and fyle them on the go! 

To create an expense on your mobile app

  • Login to your mobile app. 
  • Open Expenses window. 
  • Click on ADD NEW EXPENSE.
  • Select Instafyle from where you can click a picture of the receipt. 
  • Here you can choose Single Mode, Bulk Mode or Gallery Upload.

    - Single Mode: Lets you take a single picture of a receipt and creates an expense draft.
    - Bulk Mode: Here’s where you can click pictures of multiple receipts and upload.
    - Gallery Upload: If you already have pictures of receipts saved in your phone gallery, you can pick them up (single or multiple) and create expenses.

On uploading receipts from gallery the necessary details are fetched, and expenses are created in a while whereas the same is done instantly from single mode or bulk mode

Alternatively, you can also create an expense by 

  • Selecting Add Receipt option.
  • Enter the details manually
  • Attach the paper receipts from your phone gallery. 

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