To create a new expense:

1. Once you sign in, you can create your expenses.

  • You can create expenses by clicking on the + New Expense on the dashboard or by selecting + New Expense from My Expenses page.
  • Similarly to create expenses for mileage click on + New Mileage on the same page. 
  • To claim reimbursement on a daily basis click on Add Per Diem.
  • If you have multiple claims to make click on Add Bulk Expenses.

2. Select the currency, enter the amount. 

3. Enter the other details in the form.

4. Check or uncheck reimbursable according to the type of the expense.

  • Reimbursable - When you have made an official expense and the company must pay you back.
  • Non-Reimbursable - When your company has made the expense for you and you are simply fyling the expense. 

5. Upload the receipt on the right side of the page.

6. Click on “Save”.

Viola! Your first expense has been filed. 

Learn to create your expense on the mobile app, on the go!

Fyle you e-receipts in your email with just a click.

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