Please make sure all your settings are configured before exporting to Tally.

Go to Payments > History

  1. Select all the Expenses that has to be exported to Tally.

 2. Click on the TALLY icon

 3. enter the description in the popup. If all the date of line entries have to be changed to a custom date, check Change the date of line entries and select a custom date. When everything is ok, click on Review and Export.

 4. You will be redirected to preview page with all the line entries that will be exported to Tally. Review the line entries, change any of the required line entry like (Paid At, Credit Ledger, Debit Ledger, Cost Category, Cost Center, Narration) and click Save and Export.

5. A loader will be shown until the export is completed. If reports are exported successfully, you will be redirected to Accounting Exports history page where you can download the xml file.

6. To view the line entries of a particular export, click on the entry and you will redirected to the Export Preview page where you can see all the exported line entries.

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