With Fyle, Employees can record the cost center an expense belongs to. It is quite likely, though, that most of their expenses would be allocated to a specific cost center (e.g. department they belong to). As an admin, you can configure the default cost center of employees. With this functionality, the cost center is auto-filled for the user while creating an expense and they can change it for specific expenses (e.g. Engineer goes on a Sales call). 

This is useful for the following reasons

  1. The user does not have to select the cost center for every new expense being fyled
  2. It eliminates selection of incorrect cost centers and thereby reducing time involved in rectifying the error. 

To map default cost center:

  1. Ensure cost center setting is enabled, else enable and add cost centers to your fyle account.
  2. Go to Users page 
  3. If its a new user: Click on +New Employee.  For an existing user, click on the employee name from the list users
  4. In the user information form, select the default cost center of the user and click SAVE

6. When the corresponding user creates a new expense, the default cost center is now pre-filled. 

7. As an admin, you can edit the cost center information when required. 

During Bulk Add/Update users, you can update the cost centre in the specified template as shown below:

The cost centre specified in the column will be assigned as the default cost centre for the particular employee.

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