Forward password protected PDF receipts to

Forwarding an invoice to is one of the ways to create an expense using Fyle. This release has a feature in which Fyle extracts the data from a PDF even which is Password protected. For this, user have to forward the email with the password typed in the email body. 

Note: This information will be auto extracted and will be encrypted without compromising the security. 

Once the expense is created, the receipt can be seen in the comments and the password is masked.

Addition of New "Date" Type Custom field 

Date is added as a field type for custom expense fields. This is helpful for the employees to give more details about the date for which the expense is made for and for admin to track the expense information into detail.
For example: John, during his business trip to USA, has spent $200 on 1st March 2018 for renting a car from 3rd March 2018 to 5th March 2018. In this case, 1st March is the spend date whereas 3rd and 5th March are FROM and TO dates of renting the car. The FROM and TO dates are the custom fields in which the field type is set as Date. 

Navigation: Switch to admin → Settings → Expense Fields → Custom → New Custom field → Enter field label → Select field type as Date → Choose expense categories → Save

Addition of Custom field 

This can be added to any relevant expense type and once this is added, the same will be reflected in the employee’s create an expense page. Just like other custom fields, admin can make it a mandatory field if needed. 

Expense form

In the above scenario, From and To dates are made mandatory fields with field type as a date for the category “Accommodation". These fields can be even optional according to the organization's requirements. 

Advanced search by Expense ID 

Every expense created has a unique expense ID created by the system. With this release, expense ID is a new column introduced and Expense ID column is added in both admin and employee views. 

Another important feature related to this is Advanced search based on Expense ID. This helps the admin in saving time by searching an expense by its ID rather than manual search from a huge list of expenses. 

Admin View:

Company expenses

Employee View:

Expenses bucket

Enhancements to Reports Page

Create reports page is made much informative and the CTA buttons are rearranged. 

Enhancements to Reports Page

While creating a report, user can see the text “Upon creation, Fyle will automatically forward this report to your managers”. 

Once the report is created, user can navigate to “more” so that they can find Share report, download report in PDF and XLS formats and delete the report. 

Downloading reports

Admin/Manager view: 

Once a report is created by an employee/reportee, the report comes for approval, and “Approve” is highlighted in the page. Other options to download the report, send back, add approver and delete buttons are moved to “more”

Admin/Manager view: 
Admin/Manager view: 

Comment in audit when admin approves on behalf of an approver

Admin has the ability to approve a report on behalf of an approver. When such an event takes place, a comment will be added to the audit trail so that the stakeholders can be informed about the same. 

To find this comment: Reports → Open an approved report → Comments

Comment in audit when admin approves on behalf of an approver

Automatic extraction for PDF receipts on the Web app (Beta)

Creating an expense is made much easier. While creating an expense in the web app, if the user attaches an invoice which is a PDF, all the important data will be extracted from the attachment and the relevant data will be auto-filled. 

Navigation: New Expense → Click on “Drag and drop receipts here or click to upload” → select a receipt → Enter required details → Save

Automatic extraction for PDF receipts on the Web app (Beta)
Uploading a reciept
Adding receipt to expense form
Adding receipt to expense form

Once the data is auto-filled and saved, policy check is performed and the system detects violations if there are any. 

Note: This is the Beta version of "Automatic extraction for PDF receipts on the Web app" feature.  

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