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Report Approval on  Mobile App

  • Report approval just got a whole lot easier. Team leads will now be able to Approve reports and SEND BACK reports from the Fyle mobile app. 

  • You can also view all your team reports using the filter icon on the top right. 

  • Important Note - Approval feature is available for Android. Please update your Fyle app to access this. The IOS release will happen by the end of this week.

  • Navigation: Click on the Menu icon on the top left -> Click on TEAM REPORTS -> +TAKE ACTION-> APPROVE REPORT/SEND BACK

Report Approval on  Mobile App

Advance Requests

We have made a few enhancements to the advance request workflow on both the user and approver front. 

  • Users can now add attachments/receipts while requesting an advance.

  • Users can also add approvers to the request.

  • Approvers will be able to send back an advance request. No more bad advance requests waiting in your queue. 

  • Approvers will have a view of the unaccounted advance and unapproved advances of the user under the Additional Details Tab. 

  • Approvers/Admins will be able to remove approvers on unapproved requests. 

  • We have added audit logs for any change made on the request. 

  • Comments let you start a 2-way communication about the advance request between a user and the corresponding approver. Additionally, an email notification is sent to the users when a comment is added.

Here’s a look at the new and improved Advance Request form

Advance Requests form

Policy changes on admin editing approved expenses.

  • When an expense with an incorrect category has been approved, it also results in the wrong policy application that can affect the reimbursement amount. In such cases, the admin can change the category and have the right policy changes apply on the expense.

  •  Changing the category will display the policy changes (change in amount) that would be applied. 

  • The admin can choose to apply the changes and click SAVE to to have the changes saved. If the admin does not want the changes applied and chooses only to change the category, they simply have to click SAVE to update the changes on the expense. 

  • Of course, this is also captured on the audit log to ensure you have a track of everything happening on the expense. 

  • Since this involves expense amount changes and policy warning additions, it can only be wielded by account admins

Policy changes on admin editing approved expenses.

Critical Violations

  • Expenses that are capped to 0 due a policy will now fall under Critical violations and users cannot add a critical violation expense to a report.

  • These expenses will be available to the user under filter My Expenses - > Cannot Report


My expenses tab


Report experience changes

  • We have tweaked the report page to make it a lot cleaner in an effort to improve the experience of the user. 

  • Now only the Approve button (main action item) is visible to the user. The secondary actions like Add Approver, Share, Send Back are present in a drop down menu on the right side of the report summary page. 

Trip Request

  • Approvers/Admins can now send back a trip request raised by a user.

  • Hotel and transport expenses as part of trip will have a link at the bottom of the expense page to view the corresponding trip request . 

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