If you have an official expense made using your personal card or from your personal bank account, you can import these expenses and claim reimbursement for them on Fyle. 

Note that the below integration is currently available only for accounts provided by US banking institutions.

Follow these steps to link your bank with Fyle:

1. Navigate to the Personal Cards tab in the navigation bar visible on the left side of your Dashboard.

(If you are unable to view the ‘Personal Cards’ tab, contact your organization’s Fyle admin who will be able to enable it for you. If you’re the admin, please refer to this article to enable it.) 

2. Click on ‘New Bank Account’ button.

3. A modal pops up indicating that an integration called Plaid will be used to link your bank account with Fyle. Click on Continue.

4. In the next modal, search for your bank and select it once you find it.

5. After you select your bank, you will be asked to enter your Netbanking credentials. Click on Submit after you enter your credentials.

(Please note that Fyle will not save your credentials anywhere )

6. All set! Your bank will be successfully linked to Fyle and all your personal accounts associated with the bank will be imported. The corresponding transactions will be visible inside the respective accounts. (Eg. If you have an account of Credit type, you can see all your credit card transactions in that account)

To know how to claim the expenses from your personal accounts for reimbursement, click here!

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