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Custom Fields for Users

  • Along with the standard user fields available on your Fyle account, admins can now add custom fields to  add user information specific to your organisation. Eg. Fuel Limit, User address.

  • This allows you to track more user data on Fyle that is specific to your organisation.

  • Custom fields can also be used with advanced/custom company policies available on our Custom plan.

  • So this means policies can be set for a certain set of users having a specific set of custom values, thus making you company policies extremely powerful and allowing you to automate compliance at a granular level.

  • Navigation: Settings -> User Fields -> Custom -> Add Custom Field

  • Create a new custom field

Custom Fields for Users
  • New custom field available on the user form

Custom Field view on Employee form


Corporate Credit Card Module

For Admins

  • An improved view for admins to view the summary of all corporate cards and view employee-wise summary of unmatched corporate credit card expenses.

  • Manage Cards: Use the  'Manage Cards' section sync/add the latest card statement and view a list of all corporate credits cards used in your organization.

  • For cards issued by institutions in the USA, use the 'Sync Now' option. 

  • If you have cards issued by multiple banks, you can filter the view by each bank.

Corporate Credit Card
  • Clicking on a particular bank will display the cards from the corresponding bank.

Selecting CCC Bank
  • Employee Summary: Use the 'Employee Summary' section to view an employee-wise summary of unmatched expenses. 

  • You can also filter the unmatched expenses by date to view unmatched expenses in a particular month or date range. 

  • Write to support@fyle.in if you want to enable the Corporate Credit card module for your organisation.

For Spenders/Employees

A search function in the 'My Corporate Cards' section to filter fyled expenses by date and expense amount. This is useful when employees want to match corporate credit expenses with specific expenses already fyled in their accounts.

Audit log for Admin Approval on behalf of Approver

  • When the admin is required to approve a report on behalf of an approver, the action is now captured in the audit log of the expense for future reference. 

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