The advanced search gives you an in-depth view of all the important metrics associated with Payments. You can go one step further an export the information as a an excel or CSV for further analysis or for reporting to your team.
To use the advanced search option:
Select 'Queue/Processing/History' tab in the left panel under Payments tab.

Click on 'Advanced' option right next to the search box on the top right corner.

Two sets of additional fields will now be available to use as a search criteria i.e. user fields & payment fields

You can select multiple search options to view payments in queue/being processed/history based on the required user and payment fields and click on Search

Once the search result is available as per required criteria, you can select one/multiple users and take necessary action on the page you are present.



Payment/History Page

You can also export the details in any of the below format to analyse the expenses based on

  • User fields like location, department, level in all payment pages (and/or)
  • Payment fields like unaccounted advances, amount for queue page and created date, settlement id etc, for processing & history pages
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