Once a card or expenses are assigned, the employee will have a view of the list of expenses assigned under the Corporate Credit Card section on his/her Fyle account. While the expenses have been assigned, the employees are required to match/fyle the assigned expenses.

As an admin, you can view/track corporate credit card expenses that are yet to be fyled.
Defining a few terminologies to used on Fyle to help tracking easier

Matched Expense: Corporate credit expense that has been fyled.
Unmatched Expense: Assigned corporate credit card expenses that are yet to be fyled by the employee

To view the list of unmatched expenses:

  • Navigate to 'Employee Summary' 
  • The Employee Summary page gives a employee-wise overview of unmatched expenses and the total value of unmatched corporate credit card expenses. 
  • You can also track unmatched expenses across months or custom time periods to monitor unmatched expenses

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