When you navigate to your My reports page, you will notice the seven different states your reports can be in.

Draft: These are reports which you've not yet submitted for approval with the anticipation of adding more expenses to it. Don't forget to submit them once you've added all the expenses you planned on adding to it.

Pending: These are reports that you have submitted for approval, but haven't been approved yet. In case there are multiple approvers, your report will not be fully approved until all of them have approved it.

You will see a Reported tag for these reports which indicates that these reports have been reported to your approver, but are pending approval from them. You can edit the expenses in these reports as long as they haven't been approved by any of your approvers.

Sent Back: These are reports which have been sent back by your approver or Admin if they feel you need to clarify something or provide more documents. They add a comment before sending back the report. You can view these comments in the Comments section of the report.

You can then make the necessary changes as directed by your approver. After you re-submit the report, it's status will change to Reported and will be available under the Pending tab.

Approved: These are reports that have been approved by all your approvers. These reports will be then verified by your finance team and subsequently be paid out to you. You will be unable to modify your expense items once the report has been approved.

Payment Queue: After your expense report has been approved by your approvers and has been verified by Finance, your report is just one step away from being paid out. All reports found under this tab will bear the tag Payment Pending which indicates that the reports are yet to be paid out.

Paid: These are the reports that have been processed and been paid out to you. 

All: Under this tab, you will find the history of all your expense reports so far. This is essentially all the reports from all other states combined together under one roof.

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