Once your organization implements the Corporate Credit Card module on Fyle, you can view a list of your expenses incurred on your company card under 'Corporate Cards'.

This section contains expenses that are automatically posted through the data feed, or as uploaded by your organisation's Fyle administrator. 

To Fyle your corporate credit card expense:

  • Navigate to 'Corporate Cards'
  • You will view a list of corporate credit card expenses assigned to you in the "New" tab.
  • Match expenses: Fyle pulls out a match from the list of expenses you have previously Fyled based on the expense amount and date. If the match displayed is a corporate credit card expense, simple click on 'Match Expense'

  • You can also search for expenses Fyled to match using the search options. 
  • If a match is not found, you can add the expense manually by selecting the ' Add Expense Manually' option.
  • Click on the option to open the expense form where the amount and date of spend are pre-filled. 
  • Click on SAVE to fyle the expense. Once fyled, the expense follows the same workflow as your regular reimbursable expenses. 

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