Connecting your Fyle account with Netsuite is very simple.
Follow this guide to successfully integrate Fyle with Netsuite.

Enabling the Web Services Feature:

The web services feature must be enabled prior to exporting accounting reports from Fyle. To enable the web services feature on your Nestsuite account:

1. As administrator, click Setup > Company > Enable Features
2. Click the SuiteCloud subtab
3. Check the Web Services box
4. Click Save

Enabling the Show Internal ID's Preference:

1. Navigate to Home on your Netsuite account > Set Preferences The General subtab is displayed by default
2. In the Defaults section, click Show Internal ID's

Note: The Show Internal ID's field is only available when at least one of the following features is enabled in your account: Client SuiteScript, Server SuiteScript, SuiteScript Server Pages, SuiteFlow, or Web Services (on the SuiteCloud tab) or Advanced Site Customization or SuiteCommerce Advanced (on the Web Presence tab).

Make note of Account Id:

You need to enter this Id when setting up Netsuite on Fyle:

1. Log-in to Netsuite
2. Point to Setup tab
3. In the drop-down menu select Integration -> Web Services Preferences
4. In the opened window you can view your Account ID. Note this Account Id for further reference

Make note of Role Id:

You need to enter this Id as well when setting up Netsuite on Fyle:

1. Go to Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences
2. Copy the Account ID
3. Select the name from the drop-down list in the bottom of the screen
4. Select the corresponding Role associated with the user account
5. Make note of the ID - this is the Role ID
6. Select Cancel to discard the change

Generate a New NetSuite Application ID:

You need to enter this Id when setting up Netsuite on Fyle. You can create a new Application ID as follows:

1. Log-in to NetSuite
2. Go to Setup > Integration > Manage Integrations > New
3. On the resulting page, enter a Name for the application that will be integrating with NetSuite (for example, "Fyle")
4. Under Authentication, make sure the box for Token-Based Authentication is unchecked and only the box for User Credentials is checked. Then click Save
5. On the resulting page, the Application Id will be generated for the application
6. Make note of the Application Id

Once you have the above mentioned details at hand, we will be able to integrate your Fyle account with Netsuite in a jiffy.

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