What's New:

Netsuite Integration

Fyle now supports native integration with Netsuite along with Quickbooks Online and Tally. This paves the way for us to support additional integrations in the near future. The integration with Netsuite provides the same user experience with utmost ease of use and simplicity.

As an admin of a Fyle account who needs to connect their Fyle account with Netsuite, there are a few steps that needs to be performed within Netsuite to generate information to ensure successful integration with Fyle.

You will find more information here. Alternatively, you can reach us at support@fyle.in and we will be glad to assist you in the process.

Fyle Lite

In mid-May, we launched a new offering - Fyle Lite.
Fyle Lite is an exclusive expense management app designed for employees to make expense reporting intuitive, effortless and simple. 

What's more? Fyle Lite extends the same experience to employees of companies that do not use Fyle yet. Employees can easily create an expense report in PDF format, CSV format or as an excel sheet that can be sent to their managers and accounts team for approval and reimbursement. Fyle Lite is currently available free of cost for employees to download and use. 

Fyle and GDPR

Fyle takes data privacy very seriously and as part of being GDPR compliant, we have introduced a few changes on the platform to ensure total compliance.

  1. When users request their accounts to be deleted, their associated data is handled as per GDPR guidelines

2. When users download PDF reports from Fyle, the PDF is generated from within Fyle without intervention from external services
3. We have updated our T&C, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.
You will find more information on our GDPR journey here
4. Ability to Delete Account: Fyle strives extremely hard to provide a smooth and hassle free experience for users. As a GDPR compliant platform, Fyle has revamped and reworked it's policies in the recent past. Users can now delete their account on Fyle in a few simple steps. Though we hate to see users go, we have made it extremely easy to do so when the situation arises:

a. Navigate to Settings > Billing
b. Scroll down to find the DELETE ACCOUNT tab


c. Click on DELETE ACCOUNT. It is pertinent to know that this action cannot be reversed and all your data on Fyle will be erased permanently.
d. To safeguard Enterprise users against accidental deletion requests, we'd request you to drop us a note at  support@fyle.in and we will ensure quick resolution of the deletion request.

Feature Enhancements:

In this latest release, we have tweaked and enhanced the following features:

Redesigned User Interface

We recently introduced changes to the user interface which makes navigating across the platform, and finding action items a lot simpler. The menu has been completely revamped, and now offers a streamlined view of the information that can be accessed. 

Bulk Export of Advance Requests

Admins can now download in bulk the entire Advance Request summary in an Excel / CSV format. Follow these steps to do so:

1. When in admin mode, click on Advances from the menu on the left hand side.
2. You will find four distinct tags under which advance requests are grouped based on their state: Pending, Approved, Issued, All
3. Based on the state of advance requests that you want to export, click on the appropriate tag
4. Select all the advance requests or choose the requests that you want to export. You also have the option to filter the requests by means of a simple search option.

Bulk Export of Advance Requests

5. Click on Export. You will be prompted to choose the format of the exported file. Choose the required option, and Voila! A file with the summary of advance requests will be downloaded.

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