What's New:

Advance Request Custom Fields

Custom fields can be used to capture additional data apart from the default data fields that are available. With the latest release, custom field support has been extended to advance request forms as well. As an administrator, you can add custom fields on advance request forms to suit your organisation's requirement to capture and track additional data.

To add a new advance request custom field, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Settings > Advance Request Fields

Advance Request Custom Fields

2. Click on +New Custom Field

Advance Request Custom Fields

3. The advance request field pop-up opens, where you can:

 > Name the custom field

Advance Request Custom Fields

> Select the type of response to be entered in the custom field 

Advance Request Custom Fields

> Choose whether this custom field has to be mandatory

Marking Advance Request Custom Field as Mandatory

4. Click on 'Save' to save the custom field just created.

5. Once it is saved, the custom field will be visible on the advance request forms.

Splitting an expense

With this latest release, your organization can now make use of the feature to split an expense into projects / cost-centers / categories.

1. Ensure all the required expense fields are filled accurately

2. Scroll to the bottom of the expense form to find 'Options' tab

3. Clicking on 'Options' will give you three options to choose from

Splitting an expense

4. Click on the appropriate option to start splitting the expense.

5. Ensure all the values are accurate and click 'Split Expense"

Splitting an expense by project

6. The expenses which have been split will be saved as separate expenses that you will find along with your other unreported expenses.

Feature Enhancements:

Re-designed mobile app

In June, we overhauled the design of the web-app to make it more intuitive. This effort was extended to the mobile app as well, and as you would have experienced by now, the mobile app offers an elegant way to Fyle your expenses. Along with the visual aesthetics, there have been certain tweaks that have gone in to ensure information is easier to find and the app is easier to use.

You will notice the following changes on the mobile app:

1. A completely revamped 'Expenses' page

2. A new way to create reports from your expenses

Mobile dashboard

3. New way to edit reports

4. New way to access and approve Team reports

Fyle mobile dashboard

Admin dashboard improvements

We are constantly working to make the admin dashboard load quicker and optimise performance. As part of this, we focused a lot of our efforts into improving the load time of the admin dashboards and tweaked certain aspects to offer an improved experience. This will keep getting better in the days to come!

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