• Many popular apps these days, like Uber, Lyft, Toast, and Square send receipts to your email. These receipts can be easily and automatically Fyled using the Fyle Mail.
  • Fyle Mail is a unique email ID generated for every user. You can find your Fyle Mail by going to your Profile Settings page. In Profile Settings, go to User Preferences and scroll down to the Fyle Mail section. Here, you’ll see an email ID that is unique to you.


  • Any email receipt shared with your Fyle Mail ID will be automatically created into an expense in Fyle. Thus, you can provide your Fyle Mail ID to apps that send receipts via email. Now, every time a receipt is sent to your Fyle Mail, it’ll automatically show up as an expense in your Fyle App without you having to put any efforts.  

Example to demonstrate how you can automatically create expenses for your Uber receipts using Fyle Mail

  • You can either provide your Fyle Mail ID as your primary Email in Uber, or you can add it as a secondary email ID by clicking on Add another email. Either way, any receipt that is sent to your Fyle Mail will be created into an Expense in Fyle.

After adding your Fyle Mail ID, click on Save changes. Now, all the Uber Receipts sent to your Fyle Mail will automatically be turned into expenses in Fyle.

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