To create a trip request;

  • Navigate to ‘Trips’ on the left panel of your Fyle account and click on New Request

  • A trip requisition form opens where you can specify the details of your trip

Trip request form on Fyle
  • You can enter the Name and Phone number of the traveler under the Traveller Details section. Additional traveler details can be added by clicking the plus icon.

  • Enter the details of the trip like Purpose, Trip Type, From and To City and others under the Trip Information section

  • You can also add Transportation, Hotel, and Advance to the request by checking the corresponding option at the bottom of the form, and its mandatory if you need transport/hotel booking that needs to be done by the travel admin/agent.

Adding requirements that's needed on the specific trips.

Adding a Transport Request:

  • Choose the mode of transportation, preferred time of day for travel and add notes to highlight personal requests to the Travel Admin

Adding transport details for the trip request
  • Uncheck “Need Booking” in case you are booking the transportation by yourself and the Travel Admin will not get this request after the trip approval.

Adding a Hotel Request:

  • Add a preferred location for your stay in the Hotel booking form and enter the required details like Check-in date, Check-out date, location preference, number of rooms and additional notes if any for the travel agent/admin

Adding hotel details for the trip request

Adding Advance Request:

Raising advance request for the specific trips
  • Click on “Add Advances” if you require an advance for the trip

  • Enter the currency and amount required for the trip

  • If you require multiple advances, you can click on the plus icon to add more advance requests.

After entering the required fields in the Trip Request form, click on “Save & Submit” so the request is automatically submitted to your immediate approver for approval. 

You can also save the trip request form by clicking on “Save Draft” if you want to submit the form later.

The trip request will be sent to your approver for approval and trip state will be “Pending Approval” 

Trip requests that are awaiting approval
Trip request form that are awaiting approval

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