All trip requests have to be approved by the immediate manager/approver on Fyle to be processed. All requests to be approved can be view under the ‘Team Trips’ section.

View all the trip requests under Team Trips
  • Navigate to “Trips” under the “Team” page

  • You will find all the Trip requests that need approval under “To Approve” tab

  • Click on the request to open the details and click “Approve”

  • Once it is approved the same will be sent to Travel Admin for processing the booking

Approving trip request

Send Back Trip Request:

  • You can send back the report in case of any missing information or for any other reasons

  • Navigate to the more options on the top right of the page and click on “Send Back”

Sending back trip request
  • Send Back requires the approver to add a reason and the same is captured in the audit log.

Edit a Trip Request:

  • As an approver, you can edit the trip request form by clicking on “Edit” under more options

Editing a trip request
  • After editing, you can “Save & Submit” button on the bottom of the form

To Add Another Approver:

  • Open the trip request and navigate to the more options on the top right of the page and click on “Add Approver”

Adding an additional approver for the trip request
  • Select the approver from the drop down and add the reason for adding an additional approver

Enter the additional approver's email to add him as an approver for the trip request
  • Finish by clicking on “Add Approver”

  • The trip is now submitted to the additional approver and an email notification is sent to the approver about the request submitted.

Reject a Trip Request:

  • You can also reject a trip request by clicking on “Reject” from more options

Rejecting a trip request
  • Provide the rejection reason and choose “Reject” so that the user no longer can submit this trip request again.

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