All approved trips are automatically submitted to the Travel Agent to book trip tickets and fyle the expense to the employee’s name right away. 

  • The requests related to a trip can be seen under the Transport Requests and Hotel Requests tab respectively 
  • Select a trip request and click on ‘Assign to Self’ or ‘Assign to Others’ if there are one or more other Travel Agents.
  • All the assigned requests are moved to “To Book” tab and the status of the request is  “Pending Booking
  • Open the transport request by clicking on it and you will find a “Book” button on the top right of the form.
  • After making the booking, click on the “Book” button to enter the booking details and finish by clicking “Create” to create a booking or "Create and Save Expense" to create an expense behalf of the user.
  • All the Transport Bookings can be seen under the “Transport Bookings” tab with respective state.

Fyle an expense on behalf of the requestor after creation of Booking:

After the booking is done, you can create an expense and assign to the employee as shown below.

  • Navigate to “Transport Bookings” and click on the booking
  • Click “Create Expense” from the more options on the top right of the form
  • Few details will be captured automatically and further fill up the required details and click “Save”.
  • Now the expense will be created and assigned to the respective user, this completes the booking process.

Note: The same process is applicable to the Hotel Requests & Bookings as well.

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