What's New:

Ability to add multiple stops to a mileage expense

Everyone claiming mileage expenses, we have got great news for you! There is no need to log multiple mileage expenses in a single day if you are traveling to different locations. You can simply select your starting point, add multiple stops along the way, and finally finish your journey at a particular destination. Adding stops is easy, and can be done through the mobile app and the web-application as well. Go on, take it for a spin!

Here's more information about adding multiple stops.

PDF data extraction on the web-application

When you have PDF receipts that needs to be Fyled, the process just got quicker. As soon as you upload a PDF receipt onto the web-application, the data will be extracted automatically in real-time!

While this is an initial release, it is available to all users across geographies. 

Sequential Approvers

With this release, your organisation can make use of a new feature to route reports for approval in a sequence designed by you.

By default, Fyle routes the reports for approval to all the required approval authorities at the same time. However, if need be, you can ensure reports submitted for approval flow to the secondary approver only after the primary approver has approved the report. If the primary approver decides to send back the report to the user, the secondary approver will not be notified until the report is resubmitted by the user, and approved the primary approver. The sequence and the number of approvers can be set by you. You can learn more about it here.

If you would like to implement this at your organisation, do write to us at support@fyle.in

Feature enhancements:

Ability to map Department and Class on QuickBooks Online with Fyle

Fyle now supports mapping more data with QuickBooks Online. You can map Projects and Cost Centres on Fyle with Departments and Class on QuickBooks Online respectively. This let's you use Fyle with QuickBooks Online to it's full potential. If your organisation does not track Class and Department information, or uses either of the two, you will of course be able to export data pertinent to your organisation.

You can read more about setting up these mappings here.

If you would like to have this module enabled for you, do get in touch with us at support@fyle.in

Embedding your organisation's logo on PDF reports

We have made it easier to upload your organisation's logo onto Fyle which would reflect on all downloaded PDF reports.
Just remember to keep the size of the image under 10 MB.
Access this right away from the Settings page!

Camera overlay improvements on the mobile app

You would have noticed while snapping a picture that the area of the receipt fits perfectly within the app screen, and the outside area is cropped effectively. This enhances Fyle's data extraction capabilities  by only focusing on the information printed on the receipt, and this in turn improves user experience by improving accuracy of the details extracted.

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