Not all organisations are alike, and not all expenses follow the same approval workflow. This is where Sequential Approval steps in. As an administrator, you will be able to decide the sequence of approval of your employees' expense reports!

Currently, Fyle routes the reports for approval to all the approvers at one go. However, when there is a need to address approvals sequentially as per hierarchy or other parameters, Sequential Approvals makes it easier to mange the process effectively. This is how it works:

1. In the following example, employee-Alice has John as her direct reporting manager and Kate as her secondary manager.

2. When Alice submits her expense report, the application will first send the report to John(reporting manager) for approval. The state of the report at this point is 'Reported'. John can send back the report to the employee is he/she finds any issues in the report. Kate(secondary manager) will not be notified until John approves the report.

3. Once John(reporting manager) has approved the report, it will then be sent to Kate(secondary manager) for approval. 

Once the report has been approved by Kate(secondary manager), the state of the report is updated to Approved.

4. If there are more than 2 managers who need to approve a report, it will also be possible to send the report  to the next manager in hierarchy for approval.

If you want us to enable this functionality for your organization,do write to us at [email protected].

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