It might not always be possible for an employee to request an advance for a trip which they are taking at last minute. Or at your company, you issue advances to your employees, without them having to raise a request for it and getting it approved from their manager.

In either case, we provide flexibility to the finance team where they have an option to issue advances to the employee directly. Here are the steps:

1. Toggle to 'Organization View' and go to 'Advances' option in the left menu.

2. By default, we show all the advance requests that have been approved. In the screen, you will see 2 buttons on the top right corner

3. If you want to issue advance to only one employee, click on 'New Advance' button which will open a form where you can enter the details of the advance. Once all the details have been saved, advance will be issued to the employee and they will be able to enter expense against this advance.

4. If you want to issue advances to multiple employees at once, click on 'Bulk Add Advances' button, where you will see 2 ways of processing bulk advances

  • Clicking on 'Add Multiple Advances' takes you to below screen where you can enter the details of advance to be issued to the respective employees¬†
  • Clicking on 'Upload Using Excel' prompts you to 'Download ¬†Template'. This will contain instructions on what is the expected input for each column, that needs to be entered.

Once all the details have been filled in the required format in the template, you can upload the excel by clicking on 'Upload .xslx file' button.

Using any of these 2 methods, you can issue advances to multiple employees in one-go.

5. Once advances have been issued to employees, you can view the details in Advance>Requests section, under the sub-tab 'Issued'

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