What's New:

Ability to customize expense fields

This exciting feature lets administrators take complete control over the expense field configurations. Administrators will be able to modify the name of the expense fields, and choose different type of input field type for certain expenses fields. It is also possible to specify which user roles can view the particular expense field while Fyling expenses, and which user roles have the necessary privilege to edit the particular expense field settings.

An example below shows how you will be able to modify the Expense Description field, which you commonly recognise by the name Purpose. 

Ability to customize expense fields

This is an initial release, and we aim to expand support and refine the offering in the coming weeks. Interested to try this out? Head over to Settings > Expense Fields > Field Configurations and work the magic!

Role-Based Access Control

The much-awaited role-based access control has been enabled for all organizations. This lets an administrator assign users specific roles that restrict access and privileges. In addition to the previous roles of Admin, Travel Admin, and Finance, we have added the following roles.

Role-Based Access Control


With this role, a user will be able access the "Verify" tab under the "Reports" page. This is useful when someone in your team is responsible for only verifying report without requiring entire Finance access. Other actions a Verifier can take on reports include Add Approver, Send Back, Edit, Flag,Share & Download Report.

Payment Processor

This role lets the user perform actions that are related to processing the payment. A Payment Processor will get access to the reports  the following pages: Reports > Verify, Reports > History and the entire Payments page. Payment Processors can move reports to Payment Queue, Remove from Queue, Process the Payment, Mark Reports as Paid.

Defining Approvers for Projects

This gives you the power to define the project master for your company and allocate project manager(s) who are managing the project. Employees working across projects can submit their expenses under the projects, and Fyle will route the expenses to respective project managers for approval. Here is a screenshot showing the details that Fyle lets you capture for a project:

Defining Approvers for Projects

For this to work, you will need to get in touch with us at support@fyle.in and we will help you set this up for required projects at your company.

In a few weeks time, we will refine the workflow so you can manage project details and related project policies of your company with greater control!

Setting up of Departments & Levels


As an administrator, you can now define departments and sub departments on Fyle and assign a Department head.  Users can be assigned departments and sub-departments as well. This is helpful while crafting a policy to route approvals to the Department Head, and also to define department specific policies.


You can add employee levels for your organisation and tag users to a specific level. So whenever you want to setup policies on certain level of employees in your organisation, this feature makes it easier to do so. Additionally, you can also assign Employee Band and Rank.

Feature Enhancements:

Viewing route map while logging mileage expenses

This has been in the works for quite some time. We appreciate your patience while we worked to add a visual aid for mileage expenses. Multi stop mileage expenses are also supported on the map. 

Performance improvements:

There were a few nagging bugs that had to be hunted down.
We were able to quash bugs on the chrome email extension and the mobile app that helped with the overall stability. Should you see any hidden ones that escaped our eye, do help to get rid of them by writing to us at support@fyle.in

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