What's New:

Policy re-run capability

Administrators on Fyle can now re-run all policies of the organisation whenever the policy details are modified, or when certain details of an employee are modified. The smart policy engine allows an administrator to re-run policy checks on all expenses logged in the organisation, or it can re-run on certain employees' expenses, whose details were modified.

You don't have to do anything extra to ensure the re-run is processed. Fyle automatically prompts you whenever there is a modification on the lines mentioned above, and you are even sent an e-mail to confirm it's completion. This will only work on expenses which are yet to be approved.

Setting custom currency exchange rates

If your organisation has pre-approved currency exchange rates that are set according to internal policies, you can now define exchange rates that are applicable organisation wide. You can set these rates on a specific time period as well.

Setting custom currency exchange rates

Employees can access the rates right from their account for reference. If your organisation would want access to this feature, do write to our support team at support@fyle.in 

Credit Reversals

It is now possible to manage refunds issued on your corporate credit card spend. You can find a list of possible refunds, and reverse a transaction partially or even completely. All it takes is a single click! Eager to know more? Read more about it here.

Feature Enhancements:

One stop solution to manage additional features

Administrators can now enable and disable additional features such as Projects, Cash Advances, Split Expenses and more right from the Settings Page. This gives you the power to try new features instantly, and it's as simple as it gets!

Configuring features

Easier way to reconcile corporate credit card spend

We made it a lot easier to find possible matches from your list of corporate credit card transactions that makes reconciling spend faster and simpler. Just fill in all the details on the expense form, and Fyle will automatically show you already assigned transactions that can possibly be matched with the expense you are Fyling.

Reconcile corporate credit card spend

Stability Improvements:

We were able to quash bugs that troubled a few of you with the excel export files. Additionally, we were able to tighten a few loose ends around advance approvals and corporate credit card reconciliation. 

Want to know more or have suggestions? Reach us at support@fyle.in
We are all ears!

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