You can set up your team hierarchy based on the below roles on FYLE.

This role has total control over the policy settings. Users in this role can change expense categories, set up policies etc., as well as invite/ add users to the account.  As an Admin, the user will also see all reports of all employees whether they are fyled, reported, approved, processing, or paid and have Approver and Finance functionalities. 

  1. All org settings can be edited by admins
  2. Only Admins can create new expense policies
  3. Only admins can invite new users

Users in this role will be able to add expense reports to payment queue and process payments in addition to Verifying reports.
As  Finance on fyle, the user will see all reports of all employees irrespective of the state. However, Finance user will not be able to invite users or change org settings such categories, expense policies, cost centers etc. 


With this role, a user will be able to access the "Verify" tab under the "Reports" page. This is useful when someone in your team is responsible for only verifying report without requiring entire Finance access. Other actions a Verifier can take on reports include Add Approver, Send Back, Edit, Flag,Share & Download Report.

Payment Processor

This role lets the user perform actions that are related to processing the payment. A Payment Processor will get access to the reports  the following pages: Reports > Verify, Reports > History and the entire Payments page. Payment Processors can move reports to Payment Queue, Remove from Queue, Process the Payment, Mark Reports as Paid.

Travel Admin

This role lets the user perform actions that are related to managing travels, such as approving and processing travel and hotel bookings, assigning booked requests to users.


Approves an expense report. Each employee can have upto 3 Approvers.  Members in this role will see the reports to be approved under the Team option in the left panel. 


If all roles are left unchecked, users will be able to
Fyle their own expenses and will see their own reports on Fyle, unless they are added as an approver for other users.

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