Fyle let's you track and reconcile corporate credit card spend easily! It is also possible to manage partial and complete reversals of transactions. 

The refunds issued on your card are termed as Reversals on Fyle.
And you do not have to do anything extra to track these reversals. We have got you covered! All refunds on transactions made on your corporate credit card are visible on the Corporate Cards page.

Clicking on the particular unmatched transaction will show options to toggle between viewing possible reversals or viewing possible matches of expenses. 

You can click on each transaction to view the corresponding refunds linked to a particular corporate credit card transaction.

If you intend to reverse the amount that has been refunded, select the corresponding refund from the list of possible reversals, and click on Reverse. This tags the reversed amount to the original transaction and reduces the original transaction amount. Clicking on a transaction that has been reversed gives the details of the original transaction amount, and also the list of reversals made.

You will also be prompted to check the reversals if you try to go ahead with reversing expenses which exceed the corporate credit card spend.

A corporate credit card transaction can be partially reversed, or if you have received a total refund on the spend, you have the option of completely reversing the transaction which will ensure the transaction is not made available while reconciling expenses.

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