What's New:

Bulk Fyle

How do you make the experience of Fyling expenses in a single click even better? How about Fyling multiple receipts in one go?
Voila! Bulk Fyle! 

While creating expenses on the web-app, you now see a separate tab to bulk add expenses. You can either import files stored locally, or from Dropbox. Multiple formats are supported ensuring you don't miss out on any receipts. 

Google Drive upload support coming soon.

Bulk Fyle

Dynamic Forms

Customising visibility of subsequent expense fields based on data entered in a preceeding field is supported with this release. It is currently possible to modify which expense categories are displayed when a particular project is selected. 

More fields will be supported in the coming months. We are very excited about this, so why don't you head over to Projects page and explore!

Access Delegation on Mobile

Delegated accounts can now be accessed through the mobile app as well. Makes it more convenient, does it not? And if you are yet to try it out, here's how it works.

Widened policy engine support

As an administrator, you can now set policies to limit the percentage change allowed in the system calculated distance. Selecting Mileage in the expense category dropdown allows you to enter a percentage value and multiple policies can be configures as per your organisation's requirements.

Feature improvements:

Making expense receipts mandatory

It is extremely easy now to make receipts mandatory for any category of expense. Just look out for the 'Make receipt as mandatory' checkbox while adding / modifying a policy. 

Stability Improvements:

We were able to identify and quash bugs that helped with the overall performance. Accounting exports and Corporate Card Reconciliation received a chunk of these fixes. Also, we were able to push multiple improvement updates that should result in no surprises springing up while Fyling your expenses. 

If you experience any troubles, do bring it to our attention by writing to us at support@fyle.in
Rest assured, we will take care of it in a jiffy!

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