Payment processor's action on a report begins after it is verified. This role lets the user perform actions that are related to processing the payment. 

In Dashboard, the user gets an idea of the number of approved & verified reports and the number of reports in payment queue with the consolidated amount. Clicking on it opens a window with a list of respective reports.

In Reports, there are two tabs Verify and History

  • Verify has all the approved reports where you can move the verified reports to the payment queue. You can do this either by selecting each report individually or multiple reports. 
  • The reports in payment queue will show up in History. In case you want to push out any report from payment queue you can do it here using Remove from Payment Queue.

In Payments, there are three tabs Queue, Processing and History.

All the expense reports which are in payment queue are listed here and consolidated employee-wise. From here you can 

  • Start processing the payments by selecting the employee and clicking on Start Processing or 
  • Move reports out of payment queue by selecting the employee and clicking on Remove from Payment Queue

Any report in processing stage shows up here in Processing tab. You can perform two actions. 

  • Mark Paid: Select a report and click on Mark paid for payments that have been processed. The report is then moved into Payment History. (or)
  • Generate Bank Payment File: Create a payment file that can be uploaded on the Bank’s website to process payment. This can be customised to any bank if the bank’s payment header file is shared with Fyle. Click here to know more about how this works. 
  • Remove: Removes the report and moves it back to Payment queue. 

History tab has all the payments that have been processed. The Advanced option lets you search for any specific employee's payment details. You can use Export option to download the data in a convenient format. 

Other actions a Payment Processor can take on reports include Add Approver, Send Back, Share and Download. 

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