Trip Request can be edited after it has been submitted only by pulling back the report. If you want to modify any details in the form after the request has been submitted to your approver for approval you can pull back the report.

  • Open the Trip Request and click on "Pull Back" from the more options on the top right of the request.
  • Enter the reason for pulling back the request and click “Pull Back
  • Once the request is pulled back you can edit the form by clicking the “Edit” button
  • After editing the form and making necessary changes, you can click on “Resubmit” button on the bottom of the form to resubmit to the approval for approval

Add Approver to the Trip Request:

  • You can also add additional approver to the request by clicking on the “Add Approver” option
  • Select the approver from the approver drop down and enter the reason and finish by clicking “Add Approver
  • Now the additional approver will be added to the trip request and the approver will be notified to make necessary actions.

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